Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is an illegal drug and is banned in a number of countries. It is so addicting and problematic that it is not even prescribed for any conditions. When used it affects serotonin in your brain. There are so many side effects of ecstasy, both in the short term and long term that could lead to permanent damage to your brain and other body systems.

Short Term Effects of Ecstasy

In the short term, ecstasy increases your heart rate. It can also cause increase in blood pressure in many people. Due to these effects the heart can thicken and there may also be kidney failure. The other short term effects include paranoia, hypothermia, dehydration, insomnia, confusion, impaired memory, and anxiety. Other severe effects include tremors, muscle tension, blurred vision, and chills.

Effects on the Brain

The effects of ecstasy that cause brain damage may be reversible in the short term. However, memory loss and depression can last long even after you have stopped using the drug. Because this substance interferes with the chemicals in your brain, long-term Ecstasy Abuse could permanently damage the production and regulation of different types of chemicals.

Long Term Effects

Ecstasy can also cause mood and emotional changes like some other drugs. But it can be different in that you can continue feeling extreme emotions even after the ‘high’ has subsided. If you abuse it for a long time, depression, anxiety, confusion and sleep problems can persist for every long time, wrecking havoc in your life.

According to researchers, long term abuse of ecstasy can negatively affect your brain for up to 7 years even after you stopped the use. In fact, many experts claim that certain parts of the brain can be damaged for the long term, especially those associated with learning and memory. However, many researches are still underway to learn more about how this substance affects the brain. It is believed that the effects can be reversed with the help of professional and medical treatment.

Damages to Your Body

Ecstasy abuse has harmful effects on your entire body. It can cause heart palpitations, seizures, erectile dysfunction, and cause increase in body temperature. When used repetitively, the effects can cause permanent damage to your organs.

Prolonged use of ecstasy can cause tooth clenching and grinding, which can cause tooth damage. This can result in having the tooth enamel stripped, and cracked and worn out teeth. Most often ecstasy abusers are so much mentally and financially depraved that they don’t do anything about their deteriorating health. They are confused most of the time and the only thing they can think of is buying and using more of the drug.

Treating Ecstasy Addiction

A wide range of therapies are used for treating people suffering from ecstasy addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is designed to help the patient correct their perception and thinking. It also teaches you the skills required to modify your behaviors. The treatment can also include holistic methods like art and music therapy, and spiritual counseling. You may also be provided nutritional counseling, family therapy, and participation in support groups.