Marijuana is the most widely used illegal substance among the youth. Marijuana Abuse can significantly increase both mental and physical health risks. THC is the active ingredient in it that gives you the ‘high’. Both THC and various compounds present in weed can affect your body’s functions in different ways. While most people smoke it, many also consume it as part of their food, as tea or inhale it. It doesn’t matter how you take it, this substance can affect all organs in your body, including the immune system and the nervous system.

Effects of Marijuana Use

When you smoke pot it can increase your heart rate by almost 2 times. And it can keep it so for around 3 hours. This is the reason many people suffer from heart attack after having used marijuana. Other effects include lowering blood pressure, increasing bleeding and adversely affecting your blood sugar levels.

Marijuana use can also cause many other effects including:

  • Anxiety, fear and panic
  • Problem with concentrating
  • Hallucinations
  • Loss of coordination
  • Decreasing interest in completing tasks

Once you come down from the high, you are highly likely to suffer from extreme fatigue and depression. In some users, marijuana can create a mellow experience. However, in other cases it can increase agitation, irritability and even cause insomnia.

Long-term Effects of Marijuana

Most of the time the physical effects of Marijuana Abuse or addiction affect your heart and lungs.

Problems of the Lung – Marijuana smoke can also be compared to tobacco smoke because it is also a mixture of various toxic compounds. You can also find most of the same cancer-causing compounds as found in tobacco smoke. It will cause irrigation in the lungs and throat. Marijuana smokers are often found to be coughing most of the time and can develop symptoms similar to those of bronchitis.

In fact, the symptoms found in frequent marijuana smokers are similar to those for tobacco smokers. They can include:

  • Growing phlegm buildup in your throat
  • Chronic coughing
  • Frequent problems of the chest
  • Lung infections

Problems of the Heart – As already mentioned, marijuana use can double your heart rate. This can mean increased stress on your heart. If smoke marijuana regularly, it can also increase the risk of suffering a stroke. Pre-existing problems of blood circulation or heart could become further complicated with marijuana use.

Effects on Pregnant women

Studies show that marijuana use during pregnancy leaves long-term impact on the child’s brain functions and memory. The toxic compounds reach the unborn child through the mother’s blood. It has major effects on the development of the child’s brain and nerves. In fact, the toxins can also be carried over to the child from your breast milk. The effects seen in such exposed children include memory problems, issues with maintaining focus and paying attention, and lack in problem-solving skills.

Marijuana addiction or abuse can have serious consequences. If you or a loved one is suffering from this problem, you must immediately see a qualified and specialized doctor.