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How Does Marijuana Abuse Affect Your Body?

Marijuana is the most widely used illegal substance among the youth. Marijuana Abuse can significantly increase both mental and physical health risks. THC is the active ingredient in it that gives you the ‘high’. Both THC and various compounds present… Continue Reading →

How Does Heroin Abuse Affect Your Health & Organs

Continued Heroin Abuse can cause serious and destructive effects on your body. The frequent use of injections can result in collapsed veins and increase the risk of blood-vessel infections. They may even cause infections in the heart valves. The general… Continue Reading →

What are the Side Effects of Cocaine Abuse?

Cocaine is considered by medical specialists to cause one of the severest effects due to addiction. Cocaine Abuse can cause serious negative effects on your brain and heart, and eventually on your emotions. So many cocaine users become addict and… Continue Reading →

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